The Pink Stuff on Motorhead Garage: A Car-azy Good Cleaner for Your Vehicle

On dirty car days, we clean with pink!

The Pink Stuff was featured on Episode 2221 of Motorhead Garage, a weekly television program on the MotorTrend Network that introduces and shows viewers how to install the latest and most innovative products for your vehicle. 

In this episode, host Dave Dobson, who hadn’t heard of The Pink Stuff until looking at the program’s schedule, speaks with Sal Pesce, Chief Operating Officer of The Pink Stuff USA. While The Pink Stuff has been around in England since the 1930s, it has recently been trending on Gen Z-dominated social media app TikTok, where the brand has garnered virality with over 500 million viewers—an impressive achievement that only tried-and-tested, top-quality products can organically attain.


“The most fun (thing) about the product is that people keep finding new ways to use it, which has made the product go viral on TikTok,” Sal says about The Miracle Cleaning Paste, the brand’s star product. For the automotive, this best-selling bubble-gum-pink paste can be used for aluminum, chrome, carpet stains, and white leathers. Meanwhile, its uses are unlimited in and outside of the household—from crayon marks on the walls and dirty countertops to stained concrete, the cleaning possibilities of this miracle paste is endless. 

Dave also speaks to Miss Pink Stuff Val Ojeda, who explains the different products under the brand’s The Miracle Cleaning Range and their specific strengths and uses.

The Miracle Cleaning Paste is a mild-abrasive cleaner that’s perfect for deep cleaning. It can be used for buffing out scratches on your car, removing grease and grime off the rims, and more commonly, getting rid of stubborn grease and grime stains from kitchen pots and pans. Many have also used the paste with a brush to scrub white gym shoes and make them sparkling clean again.

On the other hand, The Miracle Cream Cleaner is a less abrasive version of the paste. It’s a wonderful tool used for polishing your car’s metal rims, headlights, and surfaces inside and outside of your vehicle.

For a light clean, The Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner will come in handy, which is a versatile spray cleaner used to keep surfaces squeaky clean with a quick (and easy) spray-and-wipe motion. 

Notably, all products of The Pink Stuff are cruelty-free and made with 99% natural ingredients. On the topic of toxic and hazardous cleaning products, Dave mentions, “It’s a big concern: a lot of folks don’t want to introduce chemicals to the house. You have pets, you have children, you have a nose. You don’t want to deal with that kind of stuff.”

Val shares the exact sentiment, mentioning how people often mistake the strong smell of bleach and harsh chemicals as a cleaning product’s efficiency, when this can be very harmful. On the other hand, The Pink Stuff’s products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals, non-GMO, paraben-free, non-triclosan, and made with 99% natural ingredients. Val reinstates, “It’s truly a miracle cleaner.” 

For glass countertops and windows, The Miracle Window & Glass Cleaner with Rose Vinegar is your best bet. While it’s formulated with rose vinegar, you won’t get that pungent rose vinegar scent. Instead, this spray cleaner, just like the rest of The Pink Stuff’s products, emits a light and fresh Rhubarb scent that many have claimed to be pleasantly addicting.

On the newer side of their product line is The Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner, a versatile non-drip bathroom foam cleaner that prevents and removes limescale and soap scum. Its patented formula clings to the surfaces of anything you spray it on. You only have to let the product sit for a while before wiping it away, resulting in a streak-free shine on the surface.

For your clothing needs, there’s The Miracle Laundry Oxi Stain Remover, a handy pre-treat stain remover spray formulated for amazing stain removal. Great for use with white and colored fabrics, it can remove grease and rust on your clothes especially after cleaning your car and being in the garage all day. Simply spray the oxi stain remover on your clothing, let it sit for a while, throw it in the wash, and you’ll be happy to find your clothes clean and fresh again to use the next day.

“You can use our products virtually anywhere: inside the house, outside the house, (for) garden tools, (for) furniture on your deck, to inside and outside of your car. It’s a miracle cleaner and works better than any other product in the market,” Val sums it up.

“You might want to buy two of each,” Dave playfully addresses viewers, “Because if you keep it in the garage, your spouse is sure to come grab it and keep it inside the house.”

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